Lorne C. Wallace, 1962-2023

Lorne C. Wallace, 1962-2023

Lorne C. Wallace, 1962-2023

Nick Gaede
Wed, 05/24/2023 – 10:04

It is with great sadness we share that Lorne C. Wallace, our company’s founder, passed away on May 20. Lorne was 61 and is survived by his wife, Kelli Todd-Wallace, his five children, nine grandchildren, his parents, and two sisters.

A chartered accountant by trade, and the third generation of his family to be involved in real estate, Lorne founded Lone Wolf in 1989. Through a combination of passion, innovation, and sheer will, Lorne grew the company into the leading software provider for the residential real estate industry in North America. His vision for Lone Wolf guides us to this day.

Though there are few words that can do Lorne justice, we will try.

He was passionate, not just about real estate, but about people.

He was brilliant, a tireless innovator who pioneered the software we’re proud to provide today.

He was a leader, directly and indirectly responsible for the careers of countless people and professionals both at Lone Wolf and in the real estate industry at large.

Most importantly, Lorne was a great mentor, community leader, friend, husband, father, and grandfather.

We will miss him greatly. 


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