A Local’s Guide to the 10 Best Streets in LaGrange, GA

5. Church Street

This beautiful, serene LaGrange street is lined with stately Victorian homes. The street is perfect for a stroll or bike ride and very close to bustling downtown.

Church Street is a great option if you want to learn a bit of history with several historic churches and museums. The only downside to living on Church Street is that it can be a bit noisy at night.

6. Spring Street

Spring Street is worth considering if you want to live in LaGrange. This street is lined with trees and has a variety of shops and restaurants with well-maintained and reasonably-priced homes. If you have children, several good schools are available nearby.

Home to many of LaGrange’s newer businesses and restaurants, the street has a more modern feel with a lively atmosphere.

7. Pinehurst Drive

This street runs through a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood, evoking feelings of safety and security. The houses on Pinehurst Drive are large and beautiful, with plenty of space for your family to grow. You’ll find that most of the homes here are well-maintained, and the neighbors take pride in their properties.

Pinehurst Drive is a lovely suburban street with everything you need, from grocery stores and parks to excellent schools. Plus, the street is just a short drive from downtown LaGrange, so you can enjoy all the city has to offer without having to live in the hustle and bustle.

8. College Street

Home to LaGrange College, this popular street features many businesses including cafes, restaurants, bookstores, and boutiques. 

Residents have access to various parks, making it a great place to walk, bike, or spend the day outdoors.

9. Higgins Street

Higgins street is well-lit, has a variety of shops and restaurants, and is close to public transportation. The quality of schools in the area makes it a great place to raise a family. Little wonder locals describe it as one of the best streets in LaGrange, GA.

It’s a safe and comfortable place to live with a reasonable living cost. Higgins Street’s demography is diverse, increasing your likelihood of finding a house with compatible neighbors. 

10. Commerce Street

Commerce Street is one of the most popular streets in LaGrange, known for its victorian-style houses. It’s home to many businesses, including restaurants, shops, and art galleries, living up to its name as a commerce hub.

However, while this lively sight is pleasant during the day, the same attribute makes it unbearable for residents at night. Also, the living cost is high in this part of town.

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