Sambousek Lebanese Snack bar


323A Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150


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Design –  3/5 

Sambousek is located on Church Street Parramatta. It is a small snack bar with limited inside seating. While the restaurant is dark, it is fitted out well for the small space it is in.

Value For Money – 5/5 

Ash and I ordered a small selection from the menu which was recommended to us by the owner. For the food we ordered and the portion sizes we received, it is great value for money.

Service – 5/5 

The service at Sambousek was fantastic; we were greeted by the owner John who helped us pick out our selection of food. Being someone who had never tried Lebanese food before, he was happy to pick the options he knew I would love.

Quality – 5/5 

The quality was excellent. Our food was fresh and tasted amazing! We had absolutely no complaints, we couldn’t get over how great everything tasted.







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