7 Luxury Home Marketing Ideas that Sell

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Are you looking for luxury home marketing ideas to sell that million-dollar listing? Or maybe even a 10-million-dollar listing?

You’re in the right place. We’ve done the research for you to find luxury home marketing ideas that sell.

While not every idea will work in every market, luxury real estate agents have found success using these 7 luxury home marketing ideas.

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1. Single-Property Websites

Single-property websites are exactly what the name implies: websites built to market a single property. These websites are usually a fairly simple “landing page” with photos, videos, property details, and agent contact information. And they’ve exploded in popularity over the last decade.

In my opinion, most agents shouldn’t invest the time and money in creating single-property websites for each listing. But you’re not most agents; you’re a luxury listing agent. So you need to pull out all the stops when it comes to luxury home marketing ideas. Your single-property website makes a great hub for all the details about your listing that may not fit the boxes on common real estate syndication sites like Zillow and Realtor.com. And you can use this web address on all your digital and print advertising to show the property in the best possible light.

Single-property websites are also a solid way to impress the seller and win the listing even if the site doesn’t directly lead to the eventual buyer.

2. International Promotion

With luxury listings, you may need to expand your geographic range to find the right buyer. When you need to reach high-net-worth buyers, you should consider going global.

Sites like WorldProperties.com, ChristiesRealEstate.com, and Proxio.com can all help you reach international clients to increase your chances of finding a well-qualified buyer.

3. Professional Staging

Professional staging services aren’t limited to the luxury market, but at the high price points of luxury real estate, professional staging is a no-brainer. A good stager can highlight the best features the home offers, mask the less desirable features, and help your prospective buyers envision themselves in the home.

What about virtual staging?

I’m not a fan of virtual staging for luxury properties. When prospective buyers see a beautifully staged home online, they’re often disappointed by the home when they see it unstaged in person. If you have a luxury listing, invest in real-world staging.

4. Hire a Professional Writer

Do your listing descriptions paint a picture, tell a story, and sell a lifestyle? If not, you may want to hire a professional writer to make your listing shine. Like listing photos (which of course you have professionally done for these high-end listings), the listing description is critical to converting online traffic into showings. Buyers want to be transported into the home via the listing photos and description of the property.

And as with so many luxury home marketing ideas, hiring a professional writer doesn’t just help you attract buyers; it also helps you win listings! Sellers will be impressed when you assure them that you have a professional copywriter ready to craft the perfect listing description to attract more buyers.

5. Video Tours

In addition to your professional listing description and listing photos, you need video tours in today’s luxury real estate market. For high-end properties, invest in a professional videographer. But you can also help promote your listing on social media with a casual, personal video tour from your phone. Simply record yourself touring the viewer through the property. Interact with the property, opening cabinets, turning on showerheads, etc, and engage the audience by asking questions for them to answer in the comments.

6. Twilight Tours

Daytime showings are great, but many luxury properties really shine after hours. High-end homes typically have specialized lighting features that make the property come alive when the sun sets. You may also be able to show off a picturesque sunset from the back terrace, the star-filled sky of a rural estate, or the impressive city lights of a home with a city view.

This also sets the stage for high-end buyers who work long hours. It helps them see themselves unwinding at the end of a long day or shows them the after-hours vibe for hosting evening events in their downtime.

7. Host a High-End Event at the Property

Luxury buyers aren’t attending open houses. Don’t get me wrong, open houses can generate new buyer leads for you at a mid-level price range, but they won’t bring you qualified traffic in the luxury market. So skip the open houses. Instead, offer to host a high-end event at the property.

Here’s how to make this happen:

  1. Find a charitable cause your sellers support.
  2. Ask the sellers if they’d allow you to host an event at the property to raise funding for this cause.
  3. Do it! Invite your high-net-worth contacts (and have your sellers invite theirs), and raise money for their cause while showcasing the property to financially qualified buyers. Everyone wins!

The event doesn’t need to be extensive. After all, time is of the essence; you want buyers to see the property asap, so you don’t have months to plan. Consider ideas like:

  • The arts: Host an art show for aspiring young artists in the community. You could either have a cover charge or have the artists agree to donate a portion of their proceeds to the cause.
  • Education: Host a “prom” with a cover charge to raise money for local schools. This is a great way to show off entertainment spaces like expansive terraces and wide-open spaces.
  • The environment: Host a gala where attendees can explore opportunities to sponsor the eco-maintenance of locations around your area. Ideal for showcasing an eco-friendly home.

These events are quick and easy to put together, they give you a chance to market the property to qualified buyers, they raise money for good causes, and they can even increase your profile in the community.

Do You Have Any Other Luxury Home Marketing Ideas?

We’d love to hear your other luxury home marketing ideas! Leave them in the comments.

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