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This list of real estate holiday gifts is designed specifically for real estate agents who want to impress the clients, colleagues, referral partners, and assistants on your shopping list.

But before we get into the holiday gift ideas, let’s cover a few ground rules…

3 Rules for Holiday Gift Giving in the Real Estate Industry

Whether you’re giving a Christmas gift to your real estate clients or your assistant, here are three rules to keep in mind.

1. Pay Attention to the Shelf Life of the Item

Ideally, you want the gift to last so that the recipient has reason to think of you regularly. Bonus points if the gift opens the “where did you get that?!” conversation that allows your recipient to tell people about you!

2. Don’t Brand the Gift

I know, branding the gift allows you to deduct it from your income tax as a marketing expense. But it’s tacky. There is a time and place for branded gifts, but this isn’t it. Make your holiday gifts more about your recipient than about you.

3. Tailor Your Budget to Your Relationship

You don’t have to get the same item for a repeat investor client as you do for a one-time buyer. And of course your budget for a random office colleague will be different from your budget for a repeat referral partner. Match your budget to your relationship.

This list of real estate holiday gifts is designed specifically for real estate agents. You

25+ Real Estate Holiday Gifts to Impress Everyone On Your List

From clients to assistants, here are ideal holiday gift ideas for all the professional relationships in the real estate agent’s sphere.

Real Estate Holiday Gifts for Clients

Clients first. Here are 10 holiday gift ideas for real estate agents to give their clients.

1. Holiday Ornaments

Ornaments are a classic Christmas gift for a reason. People love receiving ornaments because they add to the tapestry of annual holiday decorations that tell a story of their lives. And it’s a smart gift for agents to give to clients because your clients will get an annual reminder of your service. Plus, ornaments are generally affordable and can be personalized to each recipient. You can find lots of customizable options on Etsy. And we love shopping on Etsy because you’re supporting other small business owners!

2. Family Calendars

Even in the digital age, many families like to keep a wall calendar so that the whole family (even younger kids without their own cell phones) can see what’s coming up. Family calendars have separate columns for each family member, which allows everyone to keep track of what the others are doing, as well as their own schedules. These are also budget-friendly.

3. Anything of-the-Month Club

Jam of the month, wine of the month, coffee of the month…there is an of-the-month club for just about anything you can imagine. The upside is that your clients get a monthly reminder of your service and generosity. The downside is that these can get expensive; you’re essentially buying 12 gifts per recipient! So maybe reserve this item for your repeat clients (like investors).

4. Monogrammed Towels

Simple and sophisticated, monogrammed towels are personalized without being custom-made. This makes them a reasonably affordable option.

5. Personalized Dishes

Personalized dishes are a brilliant client gift because they can generate referrals! When your clients show up to a potluck dinner with their engraved casserole dish or serving platter, the other attendees will naturally ask where did you get that? And that gives your clients the opening to talk you up!

6. Sports Gear

Sports gear is a great client gift because it can get a lot of use and because there is an option for any budget. Soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, and basketballs are all affordable. And they’re standard, so you don’t have to worry about springing for top-of-the-line gear. Only buy specialty gear, like surfboards or tennis rackets, if you know enough to know that you’re getting a quality item. And skip any gear that needs to be tailored to your clients. Golf clubs, for example, are tricky because the height and grip need to be just right.

7. Stemware

Stemware aligns your brand with elegance. It might not get everyday use, but many homeowners break them out for special occasions, which include having guests. So this could be an opportunity for your clients to mention you when people ask where they got these gorgeous glasses.

8. A Ring Doorbell

If your clients don’t already have one, a Ring Doorbell is a great gift because it gets used constantly. Every time a package is delivered to your clients, or a friend of theirs steps by, or wildlife gets too close to the house, the video doorbell will pick it up. This acts as an affordable security system for the front door.

9. Charcuterie Board

As with stemware and personalized dishes, charcuterie boards are a gift that can generate referrals. With charcuterie boards, cheese boards, and now butter boards being all-the-rage, this is a super trendy item!

10. Family Board Game

Who doesn’t want more quality time with their families? Family game nights offer an opportunity for everyone to get off their devices and focus on good old-fashioned family fun. You can bet parents will appreciate this thoughtful gift that brings their family closer!

Real Estate Holiday Gifts for Colleagues

Giving holiday gifts to the other agents in your office builds goodwill. These items don’t need to be expensive. You just want to let your colleagues know that you appreciate them.

11. Travel Coffee Cups

Perfect for the agent-on-the-go, a travel coffee mug can keep their morning brew hot from appointment to appointment.

12. Office “Successories”

Motivational signs, or successories, are a thoughtful little pick-me-up for any agent. And they can be uber-affordable. You can even purchase a digital design on Etsy, print it, and frame it yourself for just a few bucks!

13. Real Estate Books

Every agent worth their weight is constantly learning. Grab an exceptional real estate book for a colleague who’s looking to grow.

14. A Business Plan Workbook

Many agents are starting to plan their business finances, marketing, and operations for the next calendar year. Give them a boost by gifting them a digital business plan workbook!

15. A Day Planner or Calendar

Help your colleagues stay organized in the new year with a day planner or calendar.

16. A Marketing Plan Subscription

Help your fellow agents up their marketing games with an affordable subscription to ready-to-publish social media posts, stories, and newsletters! With DRIP by Key Real Estate Resources, you get a set of fresh real estate marketing materials every month. And with plans starting at just $9, this super valuable gift gives you major bang for your buck. Plus, you don’t have to pay for the full subscription upfront. You can just pay the subscription fee monthly, reserving the right to cancel at any time!

But maybe save this gift for agent friends outside of your local market; no need to give your local competition a leg up!

Real Estate Holiday Gifts for Referral Partners

Referral partners can cover a wide range of acquaintances. And some may warrant a bigger budget than others. So here are a few ideas to help you cover everyone from the out-of-state agent who sent you one lead this year to the mortgage broker who sends you leads each month.

17. Keychains

Another classic business gift option. And with so many creative designs out there, you can find something that your recipient will actually like and use.

18. A Plant

Plants can live for years, and since they require regular care, they serve as a constant reminder of your generosity, keeping you top-of-mind!

19. A Showy Bouquet or Basket

Ok, bouquets and baskets have a short shelf life, which directly contradicts our first rule of gift-giving. But they can make a big splash when delivered to a recipient who works in a large office environment. Colleagues will all take note of your recipient’s flashy delivery, and your name will be passed all over the office! This can lead to an instant influx of referral business!

20. An Invite to an Exclusive Event

If you have partners who regularly send you referrals, show your appreciation with an exclusive event. It could be tickets to a sold-out show, a private tour of your most impressive local winery, a dinner cruise, or any other event that would interest your partners.

21. Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are like 25 mini gifts for the 25 days of Christmas. Chocolate is the most popular advent calendar type, but there are also bath bomb, wine, or tea calendars.

Real Estate Holiday Gifts for Assistants

Now, what to get your real estate assistant? Whether you have an in-office assistant or a VA (virtual assistant), helping your assistant feel extra special during the holidays goes a long way toward showing your appreciation and retaining your assistant longer-term (because hiring a new real estate assistant can be tricky). Here are a few options to serve any budget.

One quick note: please don’t hold out on getting your assistant something they need to do their job and then “gift” it during the holidays. That’s not a gift; that’s a business necessity. And this is an opportunity to show that you value them while also keeping things professional.

22. Office Furniture or Decor

Help your assistant feel at home in their office. A personalized office accessory is always nice. Or you could upgrade their setup with a new chair or desk.

23. Books

If your assistant has real estate aspirations, a real estate book could be a solid gift. But there are books to cover any and every interest, so you can expand your range as needed. Amazon’s book guides are a great starting point.

24. A Tablet or Laptop

Springing for a tablet or laptop should be reserved for well-deserving assistants. But these gifts can be surprisingly affordable. Just make sure that your gift would be an upgrade from their previous device.

25. A Webcam

With so much more interaction happening digitally, many people are supplementing their devices’ built-in webcams with better-quality options that can enhance the appearance and sound quality. Expect to spend around $100 for a good-quality webcam. And maybe save this for when your assistant mentions something that would indicate that this is an item they need.

26. A Real Estate Course

Another real estate holiday gift idea best reserved for assistants who specifically mention having an interest is a real estate course. For the right assistant, this could be the launching board to getting their real estate license! As a real estate content writer, my recommendation for real estate schools is Aceable. And if Aceable isn’t available in your state yet, I recommend Real Estate Express as a close runner-up.

Happy Real Estate Holiday Gift Shopping!

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