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Are you ready to grow your real estate business?

In honor of our 100th post, today we’re giving you a giant list of 100 different ways to grow your real estate business!

Not all ideas will resonate with you, so maybe just keep your own list of the ideas that do. By the end of this post, you’ll have your own custom to-do list, full of exciting ways you can grow your real estate business.

Quick note: this article was originally published in 2020; this is the new, improved version.

No time to spare; let’s get straight to the list!

In honor of our 100th post, today we

In no particular order, here are 100 ways to grow your real estate business.

1. Have a website of your own (i.e. not your broker’s site!)

Having your own website is critical to your real estate success in the 2020s. Need some convincing? Check out Do Agents Really Need Their Own Websites?  It’ll explain the impressive benefits of having your own site. The good news is that it’s easier and less expensive than ever to get your own site. You can even build your website yourself – no tech experience required!

2. Start blogging

Did you know content marketing (aka blogging) costs 62% less than traditional marketing but generates 3 times as many leads? Too many agents are missing out on too many leads because they simply don’t understand how blogging generates real estate leads. See, every time you publish a blog post, you give Google more content to index. This makes Google more likely to list your website in the search results when buyers and sellers Google real estate topics in your area. You also establish yourself as the expert, building trust, and staying top of mind!

3. Build your mailing list

Real estate is all about getting, and staying, in front of prospective clients. Building your mailing list is a great way to do this. We love using lead magnets to give prospects an incentive to subscribe to your mailing list so you can stay in constant contact.

4. Leverage your listings

There’s a reason established agents focus on listings: listings generate more leads. With a little strategic planning, you can turn every listing into 5 new leads!

5. Generate passive leads

Prospecting is great, but it’s also time-consuming. What if you could make the leads come to you instead of constantly chasing them down? That’s what passive marketing is all about.

6. Commit to a marketing plan

Speaking of marketing, one of the biggest mistakes new agents make is failing to have a marketing plan. You may have a general idea of how you’re going to reach clients, but do you have your plan documented so you can hold yourself accountable? This doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you can purchase a downloadable marketing plan workbook on Etsy for under $15.

7. Invest in social media

Social media is a killer way to market your business for very little money. If you haven’t already cemented your social media marketing plan, check out How to Create a Lead-Generating Social Media Content Calendar for a quick and easy way to create a brilliant content strategy.

8. Recession-proof your income

You know the real estate market is cyclical. So have a plan for the next inevitable recession. It just takes a little planning to survive and thrive in real estate when the housing market dips. Check out these tips for recession-proofing your income and start creating your recession-proof income streams before the market gets rough.

9. Offer property tax appeals

Hear me out! Property tax appeals are probably the single best way to recession-proof your real estate business. In a down market, you can save your clients serious money on their property taxes while earning a solid commission for your efforts. And, believe it or not, you already know how to do property tax appeals! It’s mostly just presenting a CMA to your local taxing authorities to prove that the property is not as valuable as the authorities think. Want to learn more? Here’s how to make money with property tax appeals.

10. Buy-and-Hold

You can grow your real estate business through more than just transactions. How about growing your real estate investment portfolio? Buy-and-holds are my personal favorite real estate investments. You make money through 1) appreciation, 2) rental cash flow, 3) having tenants pay down your mortgage debt, and 4) generous tax breaks. If your only property is your residence, maybe this is the year you buy your first long-term investment property.

11. Don’t waste your time on Twitter…Sorry, “X”

X, formerly (and honestly still) known as Twitter, requires more time and effort than most other platforms and has among the shortest shelf-life per post. This is why effective X users are posting over 10 times per day; your post becomes a relic just minutes after publishing. Having a profile is still a good idea to boost credibility with a certain demographic, and it only takes a few minutes to share your new blog post or quick tips on X, but you’d be hard-pressed to find an agent who’s generating real business on the platform.

12. Launch a Renter-to-Homeowner Program

A Renter-to-Homeowner Program is a brilliant way to grow your real estate business! It’s also comparatively cost-effective and an efficient use of prospecting time. The basics include partnering with local apartment communities, offering to cover the lease-break fee for anyone who buys a home with you as their agent, and farming those communities to make sure you’re the agent of choice for those residents. Get the full details and launch your own Renter-to-Homeowner Program this week!

13. Tackle REOs

If the market declines, there will be foreclosures. And those foreclosures are liabilities for the banks they revert to. Asset managers try to get rid of these Real Estate Owned (REO) line items as quickly as possible. Start building relationships with asset managers now so you’re the go-to agent when the foreclosures start to pile up.

14. Host a client appreciation event

Client appreciation events may not be the cheapest way to grow your real estate business, but it’s an effective way to earn referrals and repeat business. The most important thing about your event is to make it memorable. Private tours of local landmarks, tasting events, a movie under the stars…these are all good, memorable experiences to give your clients.

15. Send thank-yous to clients’ offices

When you get a referral, don’t send a gift card to your client as a thank you. Instead, send them a bouquet at work to instantly generate buzz and very possibly earn another referral. Flowers, cookies, balloons, fruit…there are lots of options, and when your client’s coworkers ask about the occasion, your clients get to talk about their awesome real estate agent! You could do the same for your clients on closing day.

16. Give closing gifts that generate referrals

Speaking of expressing appreciation in a way that also generates referrals, what are you doing for closing gifts? The perfect gift is affordable-but-impressive, personalized, and makes clients’ friends and families ask “Where’d you get that?” Here are 20+ ideas for perfect closing gifts.

17. Help buyers qualify through credit repair

When markets slump, lenders are more hesitant to lend money, so they increase their credit requirements. This can make it difficult for buyers with credit issues to qualify. So why not offer credit repair services as part of your real estate business? You’ll be helping these buyers, earning a service fee, and building a relationship with new buyer clients, which also leads to a commission when they buy!

18. Monetize your real estate website

Why aren’t more agents monetizing their websites?! Well, it’s because they don’t know how. Your website can be so much more than a lead generator. Check out these ideas for turning your website into its own income stream.

19. Create an eBook

How can you establish yourself as the real estate expert, build trust with your audience, and create a passive income stream? That’s right: publish an eBook! For maximum effect, focus on a real estate niche. Perhaps something specific about real estate investing (tax liens, wholesaling, flipping, etc) or something local (like a guide to moving to your city and fitting in like a local). Read our post on making money with eBooks for more info.

20. Offer online courses

Similar to eBooks, online courses offer the benefits of establishing yourself as the authority, building trust, and creating passive income. They generally take more time and effort to launch, but you can also charge more for a course than an eBook. Learn more about online courses.

21. Design digital products

Digital products like templates, workbooks, and designs are another way to make passive income for years into the future from an item you spend a single week creating. If you’ve seen our sister Etsy shop, Key Real Estate Designs, you know all about digital products. Why not expand your real estate business by selling digital products of your own?

22. Recession-proof your expenses

If you’re one of the agents with the foresight to prepare for the next recession, don’t forget to recession-proof your expenses. Your budget won’t look the same during a recession as it does during a strong market. Start making adjustments now to make your life easier when the recession hits.

23. Build a local business directory

You’ve probably heard that the best agents are “knowledge brokers”. Building a local business directory on your website confirms your status as a local expert and knowledge broker. Start with the businesses your clients need most often (plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, etc), and notify each business as you add them to generate a little goodwill and get your name out there.

24. Be a guest expert

There are so many ways to establish yourself as a real estate expert and gain exposure for your real estate business. Be a guest speaker at local colleges and/or give real estate market reports on local TV news or via local radio shows. Be the guest expert on local podcasts and blogs!

25. Focus on sellers

Buyer leads are easier to get and convert to clients. Seller leads are more difficult. But to grow your real estate business, you want to focus more on sellers than buyers. Sellers are more time-efficient; no 3-6 months of home tours for them. Plus, with the recent NAR settlement, sellers are less of a gamble than buyers. And, as we mentioned previously, you can leverage your listings into more leads. If you’re solely working with buyers, consider a shift.

26. Add property management to your services

Property management services are a great expansion opportunity for your real estate business. You can cross-promote, gaining new management clients from buyer and seller clients and vice versa. And property management can be largely passive if you invest the time in finding reliable tenants for your clients’ properties. Bonus: the rental market often grows as the housing market declines, so in a recession, you can make better-than-normal money from property management services to help offset declining real estate sales income.

27. Invest in commercial real estate

Maybe you’ve invested in a few residential properties throughout your career. Are you ready to make the leap to commercial real estate? With long leases and purely professional relationships, commercial real estate can be smoother than residential. Just be careful if you’re heading into a market decline; it can be difficult to find new tenants for commercial space in a slow economy.

28. Take advantage of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (better known as SEO) is a savvy real estate agent’s secret weapon. SEO is the key to being found online. It can be fairly complicated, but there are also lots of simple ways you can boost your SEO to gain exposure for your website. You just need to know these SEO tips and tricks for REALTORS.

29. Be mobile-friendly

How does your website look on mobile devices? Today’s buyers and sellers use their phones and tablets to search for properties and information about the real estate sales process. If your site isn’t formatted to be viewed on these devices, you’re losing clients. The good news is that premium design themes are coded to be mobile-friendly without any manual adjustment. WP Residence is our recommendation for a perfectly mobile-ready design theme.

30. Force yourself to prospect every. single. day.

You know you should be prospecting every day. Why is it so hard to follow through on this?! Consider picking up a daily prospecting checklist for as little as $5. And if you need a little extra accountability, join forces with a colleague; send each other your completed checklists every day to show you’re doing the work.

31. Invest in real estate without owning individual properties

We’ve already talked about growing your real estate business through real estate investments. But what if you don’t want the responsibility of actually owning and managing a portfolio of properties? Maybe consider one of the many ways to invest in real estate without property ownership! REITs, ETFs, and notes…you’ll find lots of ways on our Big List of Ways to Invest in Real Estate.

32. Set SMART goals

In business school, the concept of SMART goals was hammered home time and again. Your goals must be: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive. Need some SMART goals for real estate? We have plenty in our post on setting SMART New Year’s Resolutions.

33. Master your scripts

Not everyone believes in real estate scripts. But if you’ve ever found yourself stumped by a client objection, you know how dangerous it can be to work without them. If you’ve been around while, you’ve probably developed your own scripts naturally. And if you’re new to the business, give yourself a solid base by getting some clever scripts and adjusting them to best suit your unique personality.

34. Get clear on your clients

As a real estate writer who’s written countless agent bios, let me tell you the #1 response to the question What is your client niche? Ready…The answer most agents give is either buyers or sellers. I’m telling you, those are not niches. the more narrow your audience, the more leads you’ll convert to clients. I know it sounds counterintuitive because you want to cast a wide net. But in doing so, you’re competing with literally every agent in your market. When you get clear on your clients, you can become the top agent in your niche quickly and easily! Center your marketing plan around your niche.

35. Ditch IDX

The property search function on your website will never be as good as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, or Realtor.com. So stop trying to make clients use your site for property searches. IDX integrations are expensive and largely unnecessary in today’s marketplace. Instead, use your website to establish your brand, show off your market knowledge, build trust, and boost your business in Google’s search results using the blogging and SEO we already mentioned.

36. Recession-proof your operations

How will your business operations change when the recession is in full swing? If you weren’t in the industry during the last recession, you probably have no idea. Do a little research on recession-proofing real estate operations and get prepared.

37. Update your bio

Does your real estate agent bio engage your prospective clients? No? Then write one that does! Here’s how to write a killer real estate agent bio.

38. Establish your brand

Too many agents rely too heavily on their broker’s branding. And what happens when you want to change brokers? Or even launch your own brokerage? That’s why you need your own unique brand.

39. Have a financial plan

Like marketing plans, financial plans are often a nebulous idea more than a concrete plan. Take the time to document your finances so you know where your last dollar went and where your next dollar is coming from. You can find financial plan workbooks on Etsy for under $15.

40. Hold more effective open houses

Open houses might not be the most effective way to sell listings, but they can be an effective lead-generator when you know how to run them.

41. Promote your testimonials

After every transaction, you should be sending your clients a link to leave you an online review. Whether you direct them to Google, your website, or any of the property search sites is up to you. But make sure you get their review. Bonus points if you get their permission to use their review in your marketing materials (like on your website or social media posts).

42. Offer new home photoshoots

Here’s a genius idea almost no one is doing: new home photoshoots. Think engagement photos, but with the buyers enjoying their new home. Not only could this be an additional income stream to grow your real estate business, but you can also ask your clients to tag you when they share the photos online for some free marketing!

43. Stay local

If you’re doing much online marketing, you might start seeing traffic from buyers and sellers all over the world. But you don’t necessarily want that traffic; you mostly want to attract people who might buy or sell in your area. So keep your posts hyper-local. Mention your market constantly. Don’t just talk about how to buy a house; talk about how to buy a house in Las Vegas (or wherever).

44. Host a free seminar or workshop

Want to prove your expertise, build trust, and engage new prospects? Offer to host a free seminar or workshop. Topics for first-time buyers, real estate investing, and staging to sell all perform well in most markets.

45. Always have professional listing photos

In the age of online property searches, your listing photos provide the first impression. And not just to the listing, but to your business. Represent yourself and your clients well by always investing in professional listing photos. If other agents in your market aren’t offering this added service, this will be a great differentiator for you to promote!

46. Volunteer

If you’re not already volunteering for the sake of your community, how about doing it to grow your real estate business? Volunteering is a great way to establish yourself in the community, meet locals, and get to know your neighbors.

47. Work from public spaces

I know this sounds counter-intuitive. But working from public spaces (I’m thinking your busiest local coffee house) might just get you some new leads. All you need to do is order a laptop decal that says “Real Estate Agent at Work – Open for Questions”.

48. Consider digital catalogs

Digital catalogs are exactly what they sound like: catalogs in digital format. You can subscribe your client base to a digital catalog that is branded to your company, promotes your listings, and even includes interesting articles for locals.

49. Recession-proof your marketing

We already discussed recession-proofing income, expenses, and operations. And yes, your marketing will also need a few tweaks to make it recession-proof.

50. Ask your buyers the magic question

There’s a magic question in real estate that agents are overlooking. If you ask this one question of all your buyers, I can just about guarantee you your business will grow: Do you need to sell your current home before you can buy?”

51. Try social media ads

Social media ads are a comparatively inexpensive way to reach a fairly large audience, so it’s worth giving them a shot.

52. Get leads from Zillow® for FREE

Zillow displays For Sale By Owner properties, giving you access to FSBOs you can convert to listings. They also give homeowners the option to select “Make Me Move” if they might be willing to sell under the right conditions. Now that you have a ready-made list of sellers, go get them! *UPDATE: Zillow no longer supports the Make-Me-Move Feature.*

53. Master expireds

Another great seller source: expired listings. Make sure you have a game plan before reaching out to them. And contact them early in the morning the day after their listing expires. Before the other agents get to them.

54. Track your progress

When you’re working so hard to grow your real estate business, you want to measure your progress. Regularly review and document your income, expenses, and habits to keep yourself on track.

55. Consider drone photos

Drone photos won’t be for every property, but for your high-end listings, drone photos can make all the difference in the world!

56. Have a lead follow-up plan

Real estate agents as a whole don’t have the best track record of following up with leads. Even leads they spend a small fortune to acquire. Don’t let a lead fall through the cracks simply because you failed to follow up correctly!

57. Sponsor a local team, event, or project

As a real estate professional, the more you can be involved in the community, the better! Sponsoring a local sports team, event, or community project gives you a chance to make a difference in the community while promoting your business. Win-win!

58. Educate your clients

Today’s buyers and sellers are better informed than ever before. But there’s obviously a lot they still don’t understand. Give your clients the educational resources they need to make informed decisions, and they will thank you with repeat business and referrals. Your blog can be a great resource. As can your eBooks, online courses, and free seminars.

59. Help homeowners avoid foreclosure

When the economy suffers, some homeowners find themselves underwater on their mortgages, behind on their payments, and unable to catch up. They may think foreclosure is their only option. Step in to help them! Inform them of refinancing options that might help or explain the concept of a short sale to them. If they can’t save their home, at least they can avoid having a foreclosure on their record with your help.

60. Provide monthly market updates

Monthly market updates keep you top-of-mind with your clients, allow you to provide valuable information, and might even generate referrals and repeat business. The key is to make the market updates interesting and relevant to individual buyers and sellers. Learn how to write killer market reports.

61. Automate where possible

To grow your real estate business, you need to free up some of your time and/or money. Automation accomplishes this. You can automate your social media marketing through tools like Hootsuite and automate your newsletters and email drip campaigns through services like MailerLite. You can also semi-automate your social media content generation with our DRIP program (shameless plug alert!).

62. Ask for a better fee split

Need a quick way to grow your real estate business? Ask your broker for a higher fee split to instantly increase your profit margins!

63. Build a passive income stream

Passive income isn’t just amazing; it’s life-saving for commission-based real estate professionals. When you can make money in your sleep, you can actually take sick days, enjoy vacations, and even fund your retirement. And it’s not difficult to do! It just takes an investment of time and/or money on the front end to reap the rewards on the back end. Here are some of our best ideas for passive income for real estate agents.

64. Help investors find killer deals

The great thing about working with investors is that they’re repeat clients. They regularly buy and sell properties. To stay top-of-mind with investor clients, send out a once-a-month newsletter full of the best investment deals currently on the market.

65. Be responsive

This should go without saying, but it doesn’t. You must respond to your clients. As quickly as possible. I know you can’t be on the clock round the clock, but perhaps you should invest in a 24/7 messaging service that can reply to your clients immediately so they never feel neglected.

66. Make your drive time more productive with podcasts

You’re in the car a lot, right? Make that time more productive by brushing up on some quick real estate lessons. Try one of these top podcasts for real estate agents next time you’re driving between appointments.

67. Plan your team’s growth

If you’ve been a solo agent for a while, it may be time to expand your team to grow your real estate business. Maybe it’s time for an admin, a buyer’s agent, or a social media manager. Take some time to think about your personnel needs for the coming year. And how about five years from now? Where would you like your team to be then?

68. Maintain your CRM

Your CRM (Client Relationship Manager) is the lifeblood of your business. It tells you who you need to follow up with and when. The good news is that you don’t need a fancy software subscription for your CRM. You can buy a simple CRM on Etsy for under $10 or even make your own.

69. Find success as a part-time agent

It’s not easy to work real estate part-time. In fact, I generally recommend that your first task as a part-time agent is to make a plan to go full-time. But I hate to see stellar would-be agents skip the industry because they can’t go full-time. You can make part-timing work if you follow these tips for part-time real estate agents.

70. Boost your social posts

If you’re playing around with your social media strategy, try “boosting” a few posts for as little as $5. This is slightly different from running social media ads but can be just as effective.

71. Publish sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a blogger’s secret weapon for making money from posts. All you need to do is find someone willing to pay for a mention and backlink from your site to their site. Backlinks are gold because they boost your credibility on Google. And who wouldn’t want a mention on your successful real estate blog? Depending on the size of your audience, you can make anywhere between $25 and several hundred dollars per post.

72. Guide local experiences

You know your local area. So why not offer guided tours and locals-only experiences to outsiders? This works especially well if you live in a tourist destination. You’ll have fun, earn some extra income, and maybe even find an out-of-town buyer who falls in love with your area and decides to move there!

73. Rent out your tools and equipment

Another side hustle, perfect for real estate pros is renting out tools and equipment. This works particularly well in a slow economy when people are more inclined to do the work themselves than to hire professionals for home improvement jobs.

74. Give video tours of listings

Video is an excellent medium for real estate sales. And you can re-purpose your videos in several different ways: post to your YouTube channel, embed in your website, and share snippets on social media.

75. Offer staging services

In a good market, staging helps properties sell faster and for more money. And in a slow market, staging could be the difference between your listing selling and expiring. If it isn’t common for agents to foot the bill for (at least minor) staging, you can really make a name for yourself by including it in your services.

76. Try webinars

If seminars are working for you, but you want to reach a wider audience, try webinars. It’s the same information, but using a virtual platform instead of presenting face-to-face.

77. Pick up a new book

You know part of your job as a real estate agent is to constantly be learning. So make the effort to read a few industry books over the coming year. Here are our top 10 books for successful real estate agents.

78. Increase your marketing budget

If you want to grow your real estate business, increase your marketing budget to get your business more exposure. And, stay with me here, this works even better when sales are slowing. If other agents are pulling back on their marketing budgets to conserve cash, you can gain a greater market share by pushing forward with your marketing budget.

79. Try inexpensive mailers

In many markets, mailers can still be effective. Etsy is full of creative real estate mailer designs, ready to start earning you new real estate leads.

80. Give your website a facelift

If it’s been a while since your website was first built, consider giving it an upgrade. Website design mistakes are incredibly common and could be costing you business. So fix these 15 major website mistakes as soon as possible.

81. Upgrade your imaging

Same goes for the imaging you’re using on your website and your social media. With so many royalty-free stock photo sites available, you have plenty of free, professional photos you could be using instead.

82. Make it easy to share your content

See the social share buttons on this website? That’s an easy-to-use plugin called Social Warfare. They offer both free and premium options to suit any budget. And the more social shares you get, the more exposure you gain for your business! I have several posts with thousands of shares each!

83. Improve your social media engagement

Speaking of social media, if you’re just posting your listings and calling it a day, you’re not really doing social media right. It’s all about engagement. Ask questions, post polls, and tell people to tag a friend who would be the perfect owner for your new listing. You want to increase shares, likes, and comments.

84. Always ask for the referral

Sounds silly, but so many agents forget to ask for referrals. They might ask their contacts if they plan on moving in the next year or so, but what they forget to ask is “Who do you know who might be moving this year?”

85. Be available

The reason real estate teams are so successful is that there are more people who can be available for moments-notice showings. If you’re getting so much business that you can’t be available for your clients, that’s a good indicator that it’s time to add another person to your business.

86. Personally invite neighbors to open houses

Want to get the word out about your open house while potentially uncovering new leads? Knock on a few doors! I don’t usually condone door-knocking, but in this one case, where you have a clear, non-aggressive reason to be knocking, it makes sense to invite people in person. Of course while you’re inviting them, ask if they (or anyone they know!) might be planning to move in the next year or so.

87. Outsource tasks you shouldn’t be doing yourself

Your job is too big for one person. If you’ve been in the business for over two years, it’s probably time to treat yourself to some help. So hire an executive real estate assistant! Virtual Assistants (VAs) are a cost-effective option for getting professional administrative help. Or you could use a transaction coordinator to handle your pending sales, freeing you up to further grow your real estate business. So many options!

88. Give video tours of neighborhoods

Try this: mount your smartphone to the dash of your car and drive around your neighborhoods narrating the sites as you go. This gives prospective buyers a unique insider peek into each neighborhood, introduces you as the local expert, and gives Google some great content to index.

89. Under-promise and over-deliver

I’m sick to death of agents promising sellers the moon and stars, only to fall short. No matter how well you perform, if you set your clients up to expect better, they will be disappointed. Try under-promising and over-delivering for happier clients.

90. Celebrate housiversaries

Here’s a quick, easy, inexpensive way to surprise and delight your past buyers: send a Happy Housiversary Card every year to celebrate the anniversary of their home purchase.

91. Craft compelling listing descriptions

Like listing photos, listing descriptions sell buyers on a property before they ever see it. The trick to writing good listing descriptions is to sell the lifestyle rather than the property. Describe all the things the buyer could do in the home when they’re living their best life.

92. Try 3D home tours

3D home tours are a good way for online house hunters to get a feel for the layout and size of a home before they can physically tour. Offering 3D home tours is also a great way to differentiate yourself from other agents in your market.

93. Share social posts to groups

To get more eyeballs on your social media posts, share them on group pages. Neighborhood groups are perfect because neighbors are naturally interested in local real estate market news, new listings, and new neighbors.

94. Create property landing pages

Tools like LeadPages have made it easier than ever to create quick, custom landing pages for individual properties. This makes a great tool for your listing presentations!

95. Focus on marketing activities with the best ROI

Stop wasting time on marketing activities that don’t work on focus on the activities that produce the best return on your investment. Track your ROI by listing your marketing activities, noting the annual expense of each, and documenting how much annual income each method generates. Divide the income by the expense to calculate the ROI of each activity.

96. Add a 360-degree photo to Google Street View

With the Google Street View app, you can create your own 360-degree photos of the ground floor of your listings and upload them instantly. This gives Google more content to index for the property address, so when someone Googles the address, this 360 view will be viewable on Google Images and Google Maps.

97. Wear your name tag

Identify yourself when you’re out and about. That probably means a name tag with your profession when you’re working and a branded polo, hoodie, or tee shirt when you’re not. This invites people to ask about the market, at which point you reply, “Well, it depends on if you’re buying, selling, or renting. What are you in the market for?” And bam – new lead!

98. Have a daily plan

One of the difficult things about being a real estate agent is time management. You are solely responsible for your schedule. Having a daily plan helps immensely. If you’ve read The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents, you know all about the power of planning your day. And when you can pick up a daily action plan printable for just $5, there’s no reason not to!

99. Focus on a specific price range

Generally, higher-value properties are your best bet because they provide higher income with fewer transactions. This is why so many people want to become luxury real estate agents.  However, if your market starts slipping, luxury listings suffer. So in a down housing market, you may actually be better off with lower-range listings.

100. Offset your marketing costs

Growing profit margins are key to growing your real estate business. And one way to reduce your marketing budget while growing your reach is to offset your marketing costs. The best way to do this: partner with other industry companies. For your events and seminars, you can partner with lenders, title reps, escrow officers, inspectors, and appraisers to share the event costs. For your digital and print marketing, you can include links to your partner providers in exchange for a portion of the marketing cost.

Get a Small Win

Great victories are the result of small wins. Before you move in with the rest of your day, get a small win.

Today’s small win challenge is to pick 5-10 items from this list of 100 ways to grow your real estate business and take action on those 5-10 within the next week. Any longer, and you’ll forget about them. So commit today and make strides in the coming week to seriously grow your real estate business!

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